Our Kasey is married. We’ve been friends for a long time. We are all from different parts of Oregon and somehow ended up being friends. Naturally, as with any friendship we’ve all been through a lot together. Ron, the groom, has lived in Miami for a couple of years and now Miami is home for the both of them. Onto the wedding.

Most of Ron’s friends and family are from the Mid West. Kasey’s friends and family are from the west coast. Meaning, most of the guests traveled to Miami to celebrate their wedding with them.

We arrived on Wednesday and spent some time visiting different beaches and districts within Miami. We spent a good deal of time tasting authentic Cuban food, Cuban coffee, dinners, and small family gatherings. One of our favorite moments is when both of the moms met for the first time. Ron’s mom immediately stood up and embraced Kasey’s mom, and this brought tears to everyone’s eyes. This moment captures the feeling of that particular night and the wedding day to come. One other moment that brought Kasey and her friends to tears was when walking on the beach after the ceremony all the west coast girls hugged and realized that it’d been a while since they have all been together. Not one of her closest friends missed the wedding. Life is full of surprises and who knows when they can all be together once again. Ok, no more emotional stories.

We truly enjoyed having been a part of this special occasion. We wish Ron and Kasey the best and hope we’ve done the occasion justice with our photographs. Below are some of our favorites from the day.

Jorge & Evy

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