You could see the special look in Kervin’s eyes as Ketxia walked down the aisle and they saw each other for the first time that day. Ketxia looked great in her custom fit wedding dress made by her mother. Kervin was also looking quite stylish in his velvet blue bow tie. This wedding was full of emotions… nerves, tears, excitement and plenty of happiness. It was very endearing to see the bride’s father brought to tears a couple of times during the day. We can only imagine how he felt seeing his beautiful daughter marry the man of her dreams.

At the reception, held in Sisters Oregon, Ketxia surprised her father by dedicating a song to him. They danced it together bringing a lot of the guests to tears. Kervin and his mother also had a touching dance together. It really was a special day. The rest of the night everyone partied away and had the time of their lives. Kervin and Ketxia… you guys are awesome, thank you for sharing this day with us!


Jorge & Evy

Ketxia's wedding shoes

brides jewelry

Ketxia's final makeup touches

Ketxia - before the ceremony

Ketxia's final makeup

Wedding Dress - Made by Mom

Bride getting ready

Flower girl

Groom waiting for his bride.

Wedding ceremony at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

Wedding Ceremony at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses - Redmond Oregon

Father congratulating his daughter

Family Photo in Sisters Oregon

Family Photo - Sisters Oregon

Brides Family

Wedding Ceremony at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses - Redmond Oregon

Groom's boutonniere


Brides maids

Bride and groom just walking

Bride and Groom walking

Groom and bride kissing

Grooms men walking down the roadway

Grooms men walking down the roadway

Brides wedding dress

flower bouquet

Bride in her dress

Bride and groom - portrait

First dance

First Dance

235 - Ketxia and Kervin

Kervin and Kextia in love

couple kissing in the middle of pine trees

Sisters Oregon, bride and groom standing in the middle of pine trees.

couple in love

Bride and groom in love

Wedding rings - wedding bands


Ketxia and Kervin – Wedding in Central Oregon from Jorge on Vimeo.

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